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Summer Activities - 30 fun things for your little girl to do.


As a child my mother always came up with fun and creative things to keep us busy. Some of my favourite childhood memories are my brother and I building cardboard castles in our garden. Coming up with things to keep your little girl entertained can be difficult, especially when summer is 6 weeks long. I have made a list of my favourite things to do during the summer that I think your girl will love.

  1. Make an outdoor Fort. Build the perfect fort to watch the stars and play UNO together in. 
  2. Fly a kite. When the winds are heavy, make the most of the weather and fly a kite in your local park.
  3. Run in the sprinklers. So simple but so much fun! Spend hours jumping for joy through the water and playing with friends.
  4. Decorate the pavement. Find the chalk box and get creative by drawing colourful designs on the pavement.
  5. Host a talent show. Spend the day practising and perfecting their act and then in the evening set up a little stage in the garden for them to perform to the family.
  6. Make your own lollies. The perfect summer snack! There are lots of great recipes to try online or you can come up with your own.
  7. Make a birdfeeder. Have fun painting and designing the birdfeeder while learning about the birds in your local area.
  8. Tie-dye clothes. This is great for older girls who love fashion. Buy some dye from your local art store and have fun designing their very own clothes. I used to buy a pack of 3 vests and mix the dyes together to make cute little summer vests.
  9. Host an outdoor relay race. Round up supplies around the home like clothes hampers, pool noodles, and hula hoops, and turn your backyard into a mini Olympics.
  10. Build a cardboard castle. Using old cardboard boxes from deliveries you can make amazing Castles for you to play with and decorate. My siblings and I used to have competitions who could make the best castle.
  11. Make a little shop. One of my favourite things to do when I was little was to run my own sweet shop. We used to buy sweets from the supermarket and I would set up my own sweet shop and have my family come and order from me. I would spend the whole day decorating the shop and making sure the presentation was perfect.
  12. Make a time capsule. Write a note to your future self and gathers your favourite memorabilia. Place it in a sealed box and find the perfect spot to bury it. It will be so lovely to open it up in years to come.
  13. Go camping in the garden. Set up a little tent, make it super cosy and spend the night sleeping under the stars.
  14. Learn how to jump rope like a pro. With moves like Kriss Kross, high knees, side swing, and more, it's tough to get bored with this activity.
  15. Bake a cake. Simple but always fun! when I was younger I used to pretend I was on a TV show and my family would judge and rate it at the end.
  16. Set up a slip and slide. Buying one online or building it yourself, slip and slides are guaranteed to keep the kids entertained.
  17. Host an outdoor movie night. Rent or borrow a movie projector, pop some popcorn and use pool floats and blankets for outdoor seating.
  18. Make your own bubbles. Instead of buying bubbles try following a recipe to make homemade ones.
  19. Participate in a local run. Or walk... This is just a great way to get out and be a part of something fun in your local area.
  20. Create a photography challenge. Create a photography challenge for your kids by making a list of things they need to find and take pictures of. You can make some hard and some easy to keep them busy and motivated.
  21. Go for a walk in the park. Such a lovely thing to do on a warm summer day with the family.
  22. Create a scavenger hunt. A classic activity that is always fun for kids.
  23. Write a letter to family members. Everyone likes to receive a letter! They can spend time writing and decorating their letter for a family member or friend. Then take a little walk to the postbox and it will be a lovely surprise for the person that receives it.
  24. Paint by numbers. Paint by number is such a calming and enjoyable activity. Perfect to do on the kitchen table on a rainy day or in the sun laying on the grass.
  25. Make fruity ice cubes. Use their favourite fruits to make pretty ice cubes that they can use on hot summer days.
  26. Plant fruit and vegetables. Encourage kids to grow their own fruit and vegetables. They can spend time learning about growing fruit and vegetables by watching videos online and reading kid-friendly books. They can become little experts and really get into it.
  27. Make a fairy door. Follow this guide to make an adorable little fairy door for your garden.
  28. Have a family film night. Prep the evening by making popcorn, hanging fairy lights and laying down lots of fluffy blankets.
  29. Make a bath bomb. Experiment with colours, add flowers from your garden and use different shapes. Follow a bath bomb recipe for the best results.
  30. Make poms-poms. We used to make these a lot when I was little, we would string them together at the end to make bunting. All you need is wool, cardboard and scissors to make one. There are lots of good guides and videos online to show you how to make them.

Hope this keeps you and your little girl busy this summer. If you take part in any of these activities we would love to see photos! Please send them to us via Instagram @angelsfaceofficial



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