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Behind the scenes of Spring Summer 2022 Collection


This New Spring Summer collection was shot on the beautiful farm on which our offices are located. We shot this collection once the first lockdown had ended, we wanted to shoot somewhere local to our offices with lots of outdoor space. The farm ended up being the perfect backdrop for our Summer story. I took my film camera behind the scenes with me and I have some amazing photos to share below. 

Set 1: Piano in the field

This was the first set we shot, the girls had so much fun playing with the piano and dancing around the field. We spent most of the morning here getting some key photos and taking some fun small clips for the campaign video. All the girl's clothes were covered in grass stains by the end of it! 

Set 2: Band on tour

This set was so enjoyable for the whole crew, the girls each got to be a part of the Angel's Face band and loved every second of it. We spent most of the time trying to get them to play in tune but we failed miserably. The girls weren't the best musicians but they gave it their all. 

Set 3:  Festival and Colour bombs

The last set was designed to replicate a chilled festival vibe. By the end of the day the clouds were completely covering the pale blue sky we were getting glimpses of throughout the day. The British weather was chilly and cloudy by 4pm but the girls were huddled in blankets on the sidelines waiting their turn. 

Spring summer

With all the delays caused by the first lockdown, the whole team was so grateful we could go ahead with the photoshoot and finally see the collections come alive. The best part about creating the range is hearing what the models have to say about it and their favourite pieces. At the moment, my item of the season is the Cat jacquard pink dress. Watch this space for a full blog post of my top picks this season. 

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