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Our Angel's Face Iconic Tutu Skirt


Our Iconic Angel's Face Tutu

Let's explain why the iconic tutu tulle skirt continues its hold on our imagination.


Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet

In 1832, performing La Sylphide, prima ballerina Marie Taglioni pirouetted onto the stage in a white bodice and bell-shaped skirt, sparking the romantic era of the ballet and establishing the tutu as the iconic costume of the ballerina. Originally made from cotton muslin and gauze, and later from bobbinet (now known as tulle), the layered skirt strewn with spangles and sequins gave the illusion that the dancer was floating, as if buoyed by invisible angel wings. And therein lies the tutus enduring appeal; the ballerina was and still is the closest we come to earthly fairies, and wearing a tutu provides instant passage to the magical world of fantasy and fairy tale. 

File:Sylphide -Marie Taglioni -1832 -2.jpg

Over the years, designers have played with the colour, length, and shape of this ethereal   garment, but be it long, short, white, pink purple. technicoloured or tartan, the tutu continues to cast its spell over girls of all ages. 

The Timelessness of Tutus

Angel’s Face founder and designer, Keely Deininger made her first tutu for her daughter, when Trinity was four years old. “It was in pink gingham. I made a pink shirt and western style suede waistcoat complete with a sheriff’s badge to match. She wore it with little pink cowboy boots” recalls Keely. “I remade that tutu many times in larger sizes and with different styles as she got bigger; we both have so many happy memories around it.”

 girl, pink tutu, cowboy boots

“What I love about tutus is their timelessness; I can imagine a customer getting a phone call from their daughter at Uni asking for a retired tutu to be sent over for a party. The cute nine-year-old who first wore it might be all grown up and putting it together in a totally different way, with black tights and Doc Martins, but the tutu would be just as magical,” says Keely.

The Iconic Angel’s Face Tutu

Tutus are where the Angel’s Face collection first began. But the idea to create a business out of tutus was pragmatic, not personal. “I already had a clothing business called Little Linens for boys and girls. Everything was made from linen so business was seasonal. I needed something to sell in the wintertime. The idea came to me at a trade show in the USA. I noticed that tulle tutu skirts were attracting a lot of interest. I had thought about designing a dedicated girl’s range for a while and the reworked tutu (softer fabric, more layers) became Angel’s Face’s first product and is our iconic piece to this day.”

 iconic tutus


“We started production in 2007. My first range came in mixed colours and was different to anything else on the market; we had one called Cupcake and one called Blooming Lovely. And so, they were! But they were a lot more basic back then; for a start they were unlined. Now they are fully lined, and come with our signature bow and charm. Each season we bring something new to the range.  We’ve made tutus with gold stars, lace trim, big hearts, we’ve made them in duck egg blue, blush, tea rose, fairy pink, Tibetan red, plain, printed and tartan… This season we’re making a space dye tutu and a gingham tutu.”


“Each Angel's Face iconic tutu is made from frilly layers of the softest tulle with a stretch waistband to accommodate growing little girls and can be beautifully presented as a gift in one of our signature vintage-style hat boxes.”


Top Tutu-wearing Tips for all Ages

Tutus for babies

Team with a soft jersey baby-grow, or mini-me-tee, a matching frilly headband and booties. Baby tutus look super-cute layered over leggings for winter or with nappy on show.

Perfect for Christenings or Naming Days, birthday parties and budding ballerinas; they make a memorably gorgeous gift. What’s more, they can be kept in their beautiful hatboxes along with baby photos and other special gifts, to unpack and indulge in when your little girl grows up.



Tutus for toddlers and little girls

Woven from hopes and dreams and designed to inspire confidence and creativity, little girls should wear their tutus any way they want! Whether it’s with glitter shoes, designer handbags and big bowed headbands, or with capes and combat boots; whether it’s with sweet peter pan blouses, ruffled T’s, and soft cardigans finished with little heart charms or with tracksuit tops, tights and tiaras, the idea is that it’s always worn with joy!



For older girls

Update printed[HR2]  tulle dresses with studded biker boots or bow-tipped hiking boots. Coordinate with ruffled shirts and charming socks. Pair with polo necks and patterned cardigans.  Accessorize rock-chick glitter stars on blush pink-and-black floaty skirts with Elton John-style supersized sunglasses.  And when the weather gets woolly, wrap up in reversible coats with chunky hats and scarves finished with pretty heart-and-bow details. Whether it’s mixing or matching, getting party-ready or putting the extraordinary into the ordinary, there’s a tutu for all occasions.


For pre-teens[HR3]  and teens

Angel’s Face tutus go up to size 12 – 13 yrs, but their stretchy waistbands mean they can be worn well into the teens.

Replace everyday jeans with a tulle skirt and style it with a comfy tee and trusty trainers, for a more casual look. If your teen is into ‘dancecor’, let them take to the spotlight with a bodysuit or tank top paired with ballet flats. And if that’s too sweet, they can toughen up their iconic tutu skirt with chunky boots and a jacket for a more punk-rock look. After all, even the prettiest of fabrics has its rebellious side.


For women of all ages

Historically associated with bridal wear and ballerina costumes, the tutu has in recent seasons become a staple of the modern woman’s wardrobe. Diaphanous, lightweight, feminine, and flattering, the fine netted skirt serves as a symbol of the contradictions of womanhood: delicate yet strong; ethereal and unbreakable.

Little wonder then that it has seen such a resurgence (by no coincidence in the wake of the #me-too movement). Tulle skirts first popped up on the spring runways of 2018, in collections for Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Moschino, Oscar de la Renta and Preen, to name a few, and their popularity has continued to gain momentum every season since, worn street-style with an oversize sweatshirt and sneakers, for work with a structured blazer, for glamourous nights out in monochrome with biker jacket and platforms or strappy sandals.

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From infants to adults, buying an iconic tutu is an investment in memory and imagination, beauty, boldness, fashion and flights of fancy – through the ages, for all ages.

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