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Celebrating Mother's Day At Angel's Face


Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family and the influence of mother's in society. It's celebrated on different days around the world but here in the UK we are celebrating on the 27th of March.

I wanted to dedicate a post to honour my mother, Keely Deininger. Keely is the founder and designer for Angel's Face, as well as a mother to my brothers and I. She started Angel's Face from her kitchen table, as a busy working mum of three young children. My brothers and I grew up watching my mother grow her dream from packing orders in our house, to now all of us working at The Angel's Face Head Office. Keely's creativity and drive has always influenced me, she raised us to believe anything is possible. 

As a child my mother spent every free moment creating outfits on her grandmother's sewing machine. On Saturday nights she would watch "Strictly Come Dancing" with her mother and then recreate the outfits she had seen on Television. She has always dreamed being a designer and owning her own brand. My whole family is so proud of everything my mother has achieved since she started in 2007, not only has she created a beautiful girlswear brand, she has also cared and supported my brothers and I through it all. 

Celebrating Mother's Day is important as it is a show of love and respect to our mothers for their contribution to our families. Today is all about them! 

My Guide To Planning the perfect Mother's Day Celebration:

  1. Throw a Garden Party - This Sunday is forecasted to be sunny! Why not decorate the garden with fairy lights and picnic blankets. Nothing can beat quality time spend outdoors among freshly bloomed flowers. 
  2. Breakfast in Bed - This is a classic but always a winner. Serve her favourite breakfast along side a hot coffee on a breakfast tray. She will be so happy to not cook breakfast!
  3. At home mani pedi - Spend the day pampering your mothers, cucumber slices and face mask always go down a treat.
  4. Bake a cake! - Spend some quality time in the kitchen with her whipping up her favourite baked goods.
  5. A Mother's Day walk - This is a family favourite for us, we love going on nice long walks.
  6. Finally, the host needs an outfit! I have included the perfect Mother's Day outfits below👇 

Mother's Day

Outfit details:

Aretha Long Pyjamas Pink

Fifi Snowdrop With Apricot Hearts

Ace Dress Violet

Sabrina Sunglasses Rainbow

Fruit Salad Bracelet Set

Lillie Pumps Ice

Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!


Trinity and The Angel's Face family🌼

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