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Keely sets the scene for Autumn Winter 22


Apple the colour of autumn, secret dens and magical dreams, wildflowers cast in golden light, whimsy and wonder...

Welcome to our Autumn Winter collection.

I grew up free-range, almost feral, in a seaside town surrounded by open fields and a faded, abandoned Victorian garden with a lake and splendid woods. At the heart of the woods, we children built a secret hideaway from fallen branches and furnished it with dilapidated shelves and wobbly stools. Picked flowers and tadpoles in jam jars, sunbeams and botanicals bursting through spaces between tentative stick walls... It was a wondrous place where we could play, read and dream. Back then, everything was possible to our unfiltered imaginations.

Bringing together the colours and shapes of these precious memories I began to draw and design. More than anything, I wanted to capture the instinctive joy of childhood. It's sewn into the bows, ruffles, tulle skirts and every single seam of this collection.

I hope that joy touches you too.

Keely Deininger

Founder and Designer

The AW22 Preview


Our New Collection is launching very soon and the whole Angel's Face team is so excited!

Every season we start creating from scratch. Each department works so hard to deliver this collection and make sure it's perfect in time for launch. As we have grown our collections are getting bigger and bigger. We are able to bring you more of the products you love in more colours and variations. This collection includes more fun accessories that are made to match perfectly, the cutest new boot for little girls and a wide range of beautifully designed dresses for any occasion.

While you wait for our new collection to arrive, we currently have an amazing Summer Sale live with beautiful pieces at amazing prices. 

Click here to our shop Summer Sale.

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