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Finding the Prettiest Flower girl dress


When it comes to wedding attire, most people spend all their time trying to find the perfect wedding dress. But there is another member of the bridal party who deserves just as much attention as your gorgeous gown: the flower girl's dress. All eyes will be on the little lady as she walks down the aisle tossing petals. Choosing the perfect dress will make sure she feels confident and special throughout the big day. 

Here are my tips to make sure the little member of your bridal party has her moment in the spotlight.

1. Consider the season.

We want to make sure she feels as comfortable as possible. This means making sure she isn't too hot or cold throughout the day. For warm-weather weddings, stick to short sleeves and open-toed shoes. Choosing lighter fabrics and a looser fit can help the dress feel more breathable for her. If the weather is colder, add tights and a pretty cardigan to keep her warm. 

2. Make sure the dress matches the wedding theme.

The perfect flower girl dress should fit the formality and feel of the wedding while also suiting the personality of the little girl. If you are having a formal wedding, sticking to a traditional flower girl dress is the best choice. If you are throwing a laid-back beach wedding opt for a more fun and light dress. 

3. The dress doesn't have to be white.

White and ivory seem to be the popular choice when it comes to choosing the colour of the little dress. But you shouldn't let this limit yourself. If you are wearing a pastel coloured wedding gown, consider a flower girl dress that matches or has matching accents. You have free reign when choosing the flower girl dress since there are no rules to dictate what colour, fit or fabric you need to choose. If you don't have a strong feeling about how the wedding dress looks, it could be fun to let the little girl go and choose it with you. 

4. Find the perfect fit.

When picking out a flower dress you have to consider that little girls grow very quickly at a young age. If you are buying the dress months in advance you may want to consider sizing up. You don't need to worry to much as the dress shouldn't be frumpy or oversized but you should also avoid form-fitting gowns as they often feel too restricive. I believe it pays to wait in this case, you should try to leave buying the flower girl dress as close to the wedding date as possible. 

5. The fabric is important.

You should try to stay away form anything too heavy, stiff, or itchy. Since the flower girl will likely move around while wearing the dress, opt for a wrinkle-free fabric or a fabric that hides wrinkles well. Chiffon is a safe choice for layering, and tulle can be used as an accent fabric to lend a ballerina finish to any dress. You should try to avoid silk as it is costly and can tear easily, even though it is beautiful, it might not be the best choice for a little girl.

6. Consider the length of your flower girl dresses. 

Most flower girl dresses are floor length of tea length. For younger girls it may be better to stick to a tea-length dress since they won't drag on the ground and create a tripping hazard. Consider the length of the neckline as well, dress with high necklines better prevent wardrobe mishaps-especially with younger children.

Flower girl season is here and we have got you covered. You can shop our gorgeous range of dress that are sure to be loved by every member of the wedding party. Below I have put together a collection of dress that are perfect for the big day. 

Look one - Chess dressflower girlLook two - Bridget dress pinkflower girlLook three - Sydney dress Snowdropflower dress

Wishing everyone a good week!

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