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The Perfect Christmas Gift Guide


’Tis the season for pretty dresses, sparkles, good cheer, and, of course, gift-giving! If you are stuck for ideas, this guide should help you find the perfect gift for your special little girl. Below I have included our most loved pieces, gifts under £20, perfect stocking fillers and showstopping Christmas day outfit ideas. Happy holidays and happy shopping to you and yours!


Under £20 Treats

If you are looking for luxury for less, Angel’s Face has a celebratory range of accessories to magically transform the old into the extraordinary. Discover our top picks for gifts under £20.






Our Top Sellers

This season we have received so much lovely feedback from our Angels. We always love seeing what turns out to be the season's favourites. I have put together our top sellers from this winter so you can see what everyone is loving for their little girls.






Stocking Fillers

Opening my stocking on Christmas morning has always been my favourite part of the day. I love getting to open the small gifts that have been perfectly curated to make me smile, laugh and say, “I have been meaning to get this!”  Find everything and more to assemble the perfect stocking for your girl.






The Perfect Holiday Outfit

The Christmas day outfit is extremely important, whether your family likes to keep it casual with joggers and slippers or dress up for the occasion you can find the perfect fit below. Personally, I have always taken the opportunity to be the best dressed in the room. As a little girl I would ask Santa for a new sparkly dress to wear on Christmas day and even if my two brothers would come for Christmas dinner in their pyjamas, I would still wear my dress and little heels.






Happy Holiday's From The AF Family

The whole team wishes everyone a happy healthy holiday season. This year I am putting an emphasis on the importance of spending time with family and friends. I am encouraging everyone to get in the holiday spirit, whether it's watching too many cheesy Christmas movies, eating the whole packet of cookies or decorating every inch of your house with tinsel, enjoy it all!




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