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We answered all your questions about baby headwear!


We have answered all the questions you may have about baby headwear. Whether it's summer or winter, babies need to stay protected from the changing climate. At Angel's Face, we have a range of cute headwear perfect for keeping snuggly or completing a look.

Do newborns need to wear hats to sleep? 

No, this isn't a great idea even if it is on the chilly side. Babies regulate their body temperature through their heads so it is important to not interfere with this. The best way to keep your baby warm at night is to dress them in light layers. Starting with a onesie / babygrow as the base layer, you can add a warm one piece and finish by swaddling them securely or placing them in a wearable blanket. The ideal temperature for a baby to sleep in is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Do headbands hurt babies?

Every headband on the market has a different fit, meaning there is not one standardised size that companies follow. Your baby may be uncomfortable if the headband is too tight. When designing our baby headbands we opt for soft stretchy cotton that is made to sit comfortably on a baby's head over a range of sizes.

Are headbands a hazard?

When it comes to newborns many things can feel hazardous, it is important to understand the risks and how you avoid them. Headbands are safe for babies but making sure the fit and material are suitable for your baby is important. Another tip is keeping a headband for when you are going out and letting your baby's head rest when you are at home. 

Are baby Bows safe?

Generally speaking, baby bows are quite safe when sized properly and worn under supervision. Today, bows are offered in lots of soft fabrics for comfort and many styles to suit any baby's preferences. They do add a lovely finishing touch!

General rules

We recommend following these rules when it comes to baby headwear:

  • Choose headbands that are soft and stretchy. it is better to have one that occasionally falls off rather than one that may be too tight.
  • Keep headwear for when you are going out. This allows the baby's head to rest while at home and avoid any hazards when you aren't looking.
  • As with all baby accessories be cautious, assess the pros and cons of them and identify what you are comfortable with and ensure you buy from a reputable retailer that you know you can trust.  This is not the time to go cheap!

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