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The History of Tutu Skirts: 1829 to the present day


In 1829 Marie Taglioni performed on stage in a tutu for the first time. The first designs trace back to two years before but Taglioni gave the tutu its debut. The basic romantic tutu silhouette was designed by Hippolyte Lecomte for Pauline Montessu in 1827.


As ballet became more modernised, Romantic tutus evolved from flouncy but stiff to softer, more relaxed skirts. The traditional tutu is a symbol of historical dance and its past. Fashion designers have often been involved in designing costumes for the ballet, this means that many designs look to dance for inspiration. We can see this link when we look back and see how the tutu evolved alongside fashion eras.


By the end of the twentieth century, ballerinas were able to move without being weighed down by heavy costumes. Over decades, countless adaptations by designers have led to the tutu’s simple design and timeless class we all love today.


Trinity’s take on the Tutu


Even after knowing the tutu’s true origins, I still like to believe the tutu started in the kitchen of my family home 14 years ago. My mother Keely would have designs scattered across the kitchen table completely lost in her own world. After school, I would try samples on for my mother and twirl around the house in awe. There was never a place I didn't wear a tutu as a child. Tutu’s never failed to make me feel special and confident.


As I grew up the tutu evolved alongside me. From crazy colours Charlie Tutu to classic Scottish tartan Nancy Tartan Tutu we have continued to refresh the iconic staple piece. Admittedly I don't wear tutus as much as I used to but they still pop up in my life to remind me how far my mother’s dream has come. A big pinch me moment occurred before lockdown when I had travelled to shanghai with my mother for work and I was steaming the garments in our hotel room preparing for meeting the next day. I looked at the rails of clothes surrounding me and there was only a handful of tutus insight. It was on this trip I really realised how far we had come from my mother taking photos of 6 year old me posing in our garden to travelling to the other side of the world together.


Angel’s Face tutus will always symbolise childhood to me. When stepping out of the house in a neon yellow tutu, leopard leggings and a leather jacket seemed casual. That crazy, happy and confident energy that comes with being a child. I owe it all to the amazing designers that tweaked and perfected it across so many decades for it to eventually end up here. Boxed in our iconic striped hatbox is a Pixie tutu skirt with ballet origins and a whole lot of love.


👇My Current Favourite👇


Pop Pink Tutu

hope you are having a great day!



Trinity 💖

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