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Spring Botanicals Collection | Pre SS24


The SS24 collection transports me back to my early twenties when I resided on the iconic Kings Road. As a designer, it is incredibly inspiring to witness the setup of the Chelsea flower show. The streets are adorned with plants and carts overflowing with spring flowers. Every florist in London is present, manoeuvring up and down ladders amidst magnificent tropical trees adorned with fruits and blossoms. It feels as though you have stepped onto a movie set, with the anticipation of summer unfolding right before your eyes.

On the show's opening day, stunning floral artworks are scattered everywhere. I observe women stroll around in vibrant summer florals, their outfits carefully chosen for the occasion and assembled with sheer delight. I have endeavoured to recreate this sensation by meticulously selecting each fabric based on its softness, colour, and draping as if I were one of the florists myself.

Every print and jacquard has been chosen for its versatility, allowing it to be worn as your child desires. Not just for special occasions, but for the sheer joy of it. Granting girls the freedom to cultivate their own unique style. In the realm of fashion, there are no rules. If they adore it, they should embrace it!



Owner & Designer 


Explore our latest collection - Spring Botanicals, meticulously crafted to immerse you in a realm of enchanting florals and the warmth of the spring sun.

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